5 Feel Good Movies to Help you Appreciate Your Body

October 22, 2018

Alexandra, Blog, Eating Disorders

What’s better than watching a movie to unwind after a busy day? I love movies as much as anyone else. However, as a therapist that specializes in body image & eating disorders and in the wake of the #me too movement I’ve gotten a little pickier with the movies I enjoy. It’s hard for me to escape reality if movies are sexist, body shaming or show violence toward women. One of my good friends (who is also a therapist) likes to joke our work has ruined movies for us. Hollywood has a long way to go but here are a few movies I think are great. They make me feel good about my body & being a woman, and they’re fun to watch!

1.       Real Women Have Curves Sure this movie is about body image, but it’s also about family, cultural identity and growing up. And if Ana’s factory scene doesn’t make you feel good about your body, I don’t know what will!


2.       Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

So many movies show women acting catty, fighting over guys or hating each other for no reason.  I love that this movie is about real female friendship, the ups and downs, life changes and fights but how our girlfriends are some of the most important people in our lives.


3.       Hairspray Singing, dancing, glitter, this movie has it all! I also love that the main character is not a traditional Hollywood Beauty, but she still gets the guy & wins the competition. So often in Hollywood movies we get the message we’re only loveable if we have a certain body or type. This movie challenges tired old stereotypes in a pretty fabulous way.


4.       Wonder Woman The opening act of this movie made me cry! Watching scenes of buff warrior-women fighting & running around made me think, “wow! How different would my life have been if I had grown up seeing powerful women like this!” This movie made me feel like, “I can do anything!” If you need a little motivation this is a must-see.


5.       Holiday- Full disclosure here-I love just about anything Queen Latifah is in! If she was in a cat food commercial I’d probably recommend that! I chose this Queen Latifah’ movie because Latifah’s character empowers herself. She has a dream of the type of life she wants and works toward it until she reaches her goals. No sitting around and waiting for prince charming in this movie!

by Alex House