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3 Ways Anxiety Impacts Your Appetite

Anxiety can have a huge impact on your appetite. You might find yourself worrying about what you’re eating or not eating when you’re feeling anxious. Or maybe you eat to try to calm your anxiety and find yourself eating without even tasting or enjoying your food. You Eat When You’re Anxious or Emotional If you […]

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Secrets of Successful Intuitive Eating

  You’ve probably heard of intuitive eating. It’s a popular topic on social media. And while I’m a huge fan of intuitive eating (it helped me heal my own relationship with food and I’ve helped many clients turn their relationship with food around following intuitive eating principles) there is a lot of misinformation about what […]

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Your Weight Doesn’t Determine Your Health

  The obesity epidemic is a hot topic. So is weight loss or the “battle of the bulge”. In fact, the idea that losing weight is good for your health is so widely accepted that most of us never question it. It’s normal to get weighed during a trip to the doctor and any weight […]

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Are You Ready-ish For (Eating Disorder) Recovery?

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety or memories of past trauma you may be so tired of how it’s impacting your life. The feelings of anxiety, fear of food or inability to feel safe in your body might be so overwhelming. This part of you is so ready to let go of your […]

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The Body Mass Index (BMI) is BS

I remember as a teenager going into my small-town Dr. for my annual physical. Inevitably a chart would be pulled out that showed weight & height. Then my Dr. would talk to me about whether I was in the “normal”, “overweight” or “obese” section. I remember feeling anxiety build as the chart was pulled out, […]

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Is “Brain Over Binge” The Cure You’ve Been Waiting For?

Kathryn Hansen’s book Brain Over Binge has been around for a few years (published in 2016). The book is still super popular, and several you-tubers have stated it cured their binge eating. I’m all for people working through their disordered eating I think it’s great if folks were able to move through their eating patterns. […]