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The Number One Relationship Killer

Working with countless couples over the years, I have seen time and again why marriages crumble and may even end in divorce. The factors contributing to divorce are numerous but, without fail, there is one consistent reason marriages end. Divorce is imminent when a couple refuses to address, cope and let go of their mutual […]

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3 Ways to Date More Effectively as an Empath

Dating can often be challenging as it requires numerous skill sets and insights to do well; one must be self-aware, able to soothe themselves when upset and manage their emotions, have healthy boundaries and a clear idea of what they want/need but must also be willing to be flexible and open minded about negotiable areas. […]

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Four Natural and Effective Ways to Feel Less Lonely

Commonly, it can feel embarrassing and stigmatizing to admit that you are lonely. When we look around us or on social media, it may seem we are the only one without a calendar packed with fun and friends which only further fuels a sense of shame. Ironically though, it seems being lonely is a factor […]

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Six for Satisfaction – Fun Date Idea #1

By Krystal Mazzola The Gottman Institute are one of the leading providers of research on what makes couples successful and happy long-term (and what leads to serious problems). They have found that they happiest, most engaged, successful long-term couples devote just 6 hours a week to their partnership. This is broken down into a formula […]

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5 Things To Know When Starting Couples Therapy

It can be intimidating starting couples therapy, and each therapist can have a slightly different approach. If you are considering beginning couples therapy with myself, here are a few key concepts to clarify my philosophy as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  When working with a couple, I see your relationship as my client. It […]

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That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Emotional abuse can often be confusing and hard to pinpoint in a relationship. Something can feel “off” or painful for a long time but, abuse? That word sounds just so dramatic, maybe even unfair, we think. After all, isn’t it normal for a loved one to disappoint us or hurt us from time to time […]