Anxiety Relief Resources

Anxiety Relief Resources

Everyone feels anxious at some point. But how do you know if your anxiety is out of control? Or if you have an anxiety disorder? If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by feelings of panic or dread or spend lots of time worrying your anxiety might be becoming a problem. Below are some common types of anxiety that folks struggle with as well as some other ways that your anxiety might be impacting you.

Panic Disorder (Panic Attacks) If you struggle with a fear of “going crazy” feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest from all it’s pounding or start to sweat and shake out of nowhere you might be struggling with panic attacks. Although having a panic attack can be scary (some people fear they’re having a heart attack) and exhausting, they are fairly common and with help, you can learn to reduce & eliminate your panic attacks.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder- Do you feel worried most of the time? Maybe you’re irritable and have a hard time concentrating. Your mind seems to go a mile a minute with all of the “what if…” and “this could happen…” thoughts. All that irritation and constant worry could be a sign you’re struggling with a generalized anxiety disorder.

Social Anxiety-Avoiding social situations, feeling nervous or scared about social events or worrying about what other people think of you all the time could be signs you’re struggling with social anxiety. Social anxiety takes all the fun out of parties, work events, and get-togethers. When we’re anxious we’re so worried about what other people think of us or saying the wrong thing that we can’t relax and have fun. But you don’t have to live like this, you can learn to reduce and heal your social anxiety.

Anxiety can be overwhelming and exhausting but it is super common and you don’t have to live with it for forever! Most types of anxiety can be reduced (or eliminated!) with lifestyle changes or the help of a counselor.