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Counseling Resources for Families

Hello! Whether you’re a parent, partner or friend if you have a loved one struggling with anxiety you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You might also be wondering what your loved one is going to talk about in counseling & how you can help them.  First, let me just say how glad I am you want to support your loved one. I’ve listed some tips below to help you and your loved one, they’re listed as do’s and don’ts but they’re just suggestions. I also explain a little bit about how counseling works & some resources you can check out to learn more about anxiety & counseling.

What are your qualifications to work with my loved one?
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-16029) in the state of Arizona and I hold a Masters’ Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Ih ave over 10 years of clinical experience and have extensive experience working with anxiety, trauma & eating disorders in residential, outpatient and intensive outpatient settings.  I am an active member of the International Association of Eating Disorders and an EMDR trained therapist.

How Does Counseling Work? 

If you haven’t been to a therapist before I can tell you it’s a little different than what you see on TV. I don’t wear glasses or all black and I do have a couch…but you don’t have to lie down on it. I believe in being a person first and a therapist second. By that I mean it’s extremely important to me that your loved one feels safe and comfortable with me and my office.

Every person is different but generally, therapy is a mix of talking about whatever life challenges/events are going on, working through & healing past events or traumas that may be impacting your loved one now and building skills to cope with feelings of anxiety. We all need someone to talk to and I’ve found that for a lot of folks just talking about their concerns & learning some new tools to manage them can make a big difference.

Do you provide counseling for families and spouses as well?
I  know that family and loved ones are super important and can be a major support. If your loved one is over 18 you won’t be able to participate in counseling without their consent. For those under 18, I like to meet with parents at least a few times to understand your family & help you better understand your child’s struggles, as well as give you tools to help your child.

If you would like couple’s counseling or family counseling I am happy to refer you to my colleague Krystal who is a trained marriage and family therapist.

I want to learn more about anxiety relief, how do I get started?

That’s great! Our website is a great place to start. Check out my blog posts or our anxiety relief resources tab for more info.