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Are You Ready to Let go of Body Image Anxiety for a Funner Summer?

If the idea of putting on a bikini (or any swimsuit) this summer fills you with an icy wave of anxiety that’s colder than any  pool in Arizona…you’re not alone. So many of us struggle with feelings of guilt, shame or terror around wearing a swimsuit. We know that no one is judging us but […]

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This Holiday Nothing is Off Limits

The holidays represent different things for all of us, positive and challenging. Of course, there are challenges and joys surrounding family (both those you are able or not able to see) additional responsibilities and for those struggling with food and body image new challenges around food. A plate of cookies at the office or a […]

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Princess Diana’s Public(ish) Struggle with Bulimia

Princess Diana is remembered for her beauty, selflessness and grace. Even after her tragic death over two decades ago she is still one of the most recognized and celebrated celebrities in the world. Perhaps less known is the fact that she also struggled with bulimia. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a person purges […]

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Commonly Asked Questions and Concerns for Eating Disorder Counseling

Here we hope we can answer some of your questions about what you may expect from counseling for an eating disorder: What is an eating disorder? What’s body dysmorphia or body image? An eating disorder is a mental health disorder in which an individual engages in “behaviors” surrounding food. This may involve restricting food intake, […]